Ashtanga Yoga

for student sports card holders

You must have seen those amazing yoga videos and photos on instagram of  yogis who seem to float through the air. Very often they are Ashtangi; yogis who have been practicing traditional Ashtanga yoga for years. They usually started very young. Ashtanga yoga is ofter referred to as the mother of Poweryoga and the flow styles like Vinyasa.

Would you like  to start your Ashtanga journey? MysoreYOGA is affiliated with the student sports card . For only € 18.95 / month you learn the Mysore Ashtanga sequence in semi-private sessions.


Traditionally Mysore Style Ashtanga is a daily practice, which will be taught individually in a group setting. Your teacher, Tara, will help you build your own practice. Step by step, posture by posture, you expand the series further and further. You flow on your own breath, transforming your yoga practice into a moving meditation.

There is no point in practicing this style occasionally or once a week. Come at least 4x a week for a period of at least 1 month to really learn the basics of the series and experience the transformation process.

If you are serious enough to embark on this life changing journey, then I invite you to register  for an introductory meeting .